A World Full of Fairytales was founded as a personal blog and project in 2016. Starting point was a 6 weeks solo adventure in California, which was followed by more trips to North and South America, Russia and Europe. Like most of the travelers I know, I couldn’t get over all my super cool experiences and photos and I needed to share everything with the world. That has been building connections to other travelers and new friends around world for what I am forever grateful.

I’m not a full time traveler. I don’t count countries or cities. I travel for the experiences, to meet new people, to learn about their cultures, to have some time off, spend time outdoors and eating myself through the world. Creating stories on that blog from time to time and to share my passion for lifestyle and wanderlust is something I really enjoy. I have already cooperated with American and European brands such as JORD Watches, Ideal of Sweden, Kapten & Son and Bangs Shoes. You wanna work with me? Head over to my Work With Me page for blog collabs!

xoxo, Claudia