The Getty Center, Los Angeles

Today, I want to share some good views with you. After one and a half years, I finally went up to the Getty Center in Los Angeles. Everybody had told me before, that I have to go, that the Getty Center is amazing, that this visit is not only about a museum. Even though the museum is pretty awesome, too. Now, that I had the chance to explore this place by myself, I have to agree with each and every Getty Center fan girl and boy. The LA view is probably a bit better at the Griffith Observatory, but the architecture at the Getty Center is super cool.

First of all, it is really easy to get to the center. I took an UBER from Venice Beach and paid about 5 bucks. You have to leave the UBER and also private cars a few miles before your destination at the visitor parking lot. Admission to the museum is free, parking is about 10-15 bucks and depends on the time of your arrival. From here, you can take the tram or you can walk and that is what I did.

I spend hours at the Getty, bought food and coffee, had a picnic in the garden. It is less crowded than the Griffith Observatory and the atmosphere is as magical as at the Getty Villa in Malibu. I loved editing my photos and dive into my memories of that day. As for me, every day should be as calm, sunny and inspiring as the day of my visit at the Getty Center.

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