Blokus Strand, Denmark

Most of the time, I am a solo traveler. It doesn’t matter if I want to go far away or if it’s only a weekend trip, I love exploring the world on my own and with my little doggy Mischa. However, Denmark is an exception. It has been a tradition to go there for at least a week once a year with the whole family. Today I show you my favorite place in Denmark. I know Denmark very well because I went there as a child almost every year. Blokhus is in the south of the country and it will take you an eight hours drive from Berlin to get there. The town is famous for its beach which is perfect for swimming, surfing, horse riding and dog walking. Additionally you have the opportunity to hike through the dunes. The hiking area in Blokhus is great, there are many different routes to go and when you are on the top of the largest dune (the Bredbjerg) you enjoy an amazing view. To summarize, Blokhus is the perfect place for a one-week-get-away!

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