Walking in a winter wonderland, Germany

Finally, winter is here and we have some snow in Germany. Normally, we don’t have much snow where I grew up, so we celebrate even when there is only a little of it. Since my dog was still with my parents in January, I decided to take the car, visit my family and pick up the dog two weeks ago. I was glad I did. Snow in the countryside is totally different from snow in a city like Berlin. I enjoyed a nice long morning walk in the winter wonderland with my mum and our dogs before we got home to the kind of brunch you only get at home. These trips are always like weekend getaways for me.

Where I was

The area we walked our dogs is in the north of Germany. Located in Lower Saxony, it is only an one hours drive from Hamburg. You won’t find mountains or ocean, but nice forests, meadows, fields and a lot of agriculture. We walked about two hours and had a lot of fun taking photos and playing with the dogs.

What I wore

When the days get really cold, there is only one winter coat which helps me to stay warm. It’s the night blue parker from McKinley. I bought it two years ago in Denmark and since than it is my one and only. The scarf is from a handmade market in Berlin and the cap was hand-knitted by my mother. She is the best knitter by the way. My pants are fake leather leggings and I have to admit that I have three of them. They are so comfortable and also warm on winter days. The boots are actually not really mine. I adopted them from my mother. They stay at my parents, but when I’m there, they are mine 😉

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