Morro Bay, California

Actually, I stopped in Morro Bay by accident. Morro Bay? Yes! I was on my way back to Los Angeles after a three day trip to San Francisco. I had spend the night before in Monterrey and had been driving the whole day over the stunning cliffs of Big Sur what is one of the best road trips in the world. It was quite a long drive because I stopped a few times to explore the Big Sur highlights. My plan was to spend the night in Santa Barbara but the sunset was faster than me and came while I was still in my car. I absolutely wanted to watch the sunset on the beach and so I decided to stop in the next town. And that was Morro Bay.

I had never heard of Morro Bay before and it wasn’t on my list. When I think back on my arrival, it’s a little bit funny, because I asked myself what that crazy huge rock near the shore was and how it had come so close to the shore. I was really fascinated. Morro Bay is the hometown of Morro Rock which is obviously a famous landmark in California (I googled it.) The rock is almost 600 feet high and it is connected to the shore by a causeway. But climbing on it is forbidden. The view to the rock is super cool and also kind of unreal.

Morro Bay offers a lot more. As for me, I had a very good time on the beach, taking photos and enjoying the sunset. The town seemed perfect for a relaxed getaway. It was very calm, with cute houses and so much nature around it. It is a fishing town and offers some tourist attractions and activities. You can read and download a PDF-guide from one of the tourist websites here if you are interested.

So in the end I was happy to visit this place by accident as I mentioned at the beginning. I mean, I’m sure I would have been disappointed, if I would have missed it and read about it later. I hope you like it as well! Have you ever discovered a place on your vacations you had never heard about before? Or are you more of a perfect planner who needs to know everything about your route and destination?

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  1. I live in California but never heard about Morro Bay! Great photos and story telling. Im glad I discovered it now because I am actually taking a trip to Monterey soon. Will make sure to allow extra time to check out Morro Bay. Thank you!#FlyAwayFriday

    1. That is SOOO cool! I’m so happy about it 🙂 And you know what? Since I published this post, a lot of people, friends and other bloggers told me, that they never heard about Morro Bay. That is cool for me, because I already asked myself why I never heard about it…;-) And yay, you are very lucky. California is such a nice place! Enjoy your trip to Monterrey! I’m already excited about your pics on Insta and your blog!

  2. Unplanned stops on trips can be the best! I’ve driven up and down the California coast so many times but never stopped in Morro Bay, I’ll have to make a stop and check out that rock the next time!#flyawayfriday

    1. Hi Natalie! You are so right! A plan is good, but some unplanned stops and times are MUST! 😉 Have great day <3

  3. Morro Bay and the nearby towns (Cayucos, Cambria, San Simeon) are some of my favorite places in California. They are never crowded (not even on holiday weekends) and there are tons of things to do. I want to go back to the area and revisit places I have not visited in quite some time. I am glad you discovered this little piece of paradise. #flyawayfriday

    1. Yeah, that’s true! Likewise Santa Barbara which was my next stop, Morro Bay was not crowded at all, even if it was a holiday weekend 🙂 I want to revisit these places too someday. Thank you and have a good day <3

  4. Love this! We were just talking last night about how we want to get up to Big Sur again sometime. Putting Morrow Bay on the list now too. Impromptu finds are the best. #FlyAwayFriday

  5. The Morro Rock view looks absolutely stunning! Never heard of this place, but I´ve felt this peaceful atmosphere only from going through your amazing pictures! #flyawayfriday

  6. Oh wow, the photos are stunning and just breathtaking! I need to go check out Morro Bay since I haven’t yet! Thanks for joining #FlyAwayFriday – see you in a few days! xo

  7. Omg how fun! I’ve made a stop there too when I was doing a road trip back from SF! (probably a popular middle ground? haha) but it’s so beautiful isn’t it!!!?? I love that whole Central Coast, it’s so beautiful!!!

  8. I swear I just dreamed about this place last night. I was googling parts of my dream because it was so vivid, so real. I think this is where I need to go in the Sping. Road trip!