Hotel del Coronado, California

Hi guys! Oh wow, its been a whole month since my last post on the blog… I would mean “Well, nobody’s perfect.” Do you know where this quote is from? Its from the 1958-Marylin Monroe-movie “Some like it hot” and this movie is absolutely relevant to todays post.
Why is that?

Last year in november, I visited the Hotel del Coronado which is the center of that movie. The hotel is located in Southern California in San Diego County. Unfortunately, the hotel was too expensive for me and I slept in a cheaper one in San Diego but the drive to the peninsula del Coronado is absolutely worth it. You can have breakfast on the terrace while overlooking beach and ocean. The hotel was opened in 1888 just three years after two entrepreneurs bought the entire undeveloped peninsula in 1885 – you can read about the history of the hotel on their website. Still today, it feels like strolling around in another century. Everything is beautiful and the area has the world famous Southern California year-round sunshine. So, don’t hesitate – I recommend a visit.

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