10 tips for a greener lifestyle

A quarter of this year is already over and it’s time to consolidate the New Year’s resolutions. I thought about starting a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle last year and tried to integrate some routines and sustainable products. But it was not successful enough and I did some research and defined some actions for me to live by and these are the ones, that really worked out for me.

1. Use reusable glass bottles for water and other drinks. I have a glass bottle from Sand Cloud and there are numerous options for you to buy one.

2. Bring your own coffee mug to the coffee shop. Coffee to go mugs and their lids are really bad for the planet, because so many of us use to get a coffee to go. I bought some cork mugs, which are almost similar to the coffee to go mugs from the shops, but reusable and without plastic. In addition, I have a thermo cup.

3. Try to buy fruits and vegetables without packaging. Sometimes this is a challenge, because big supermarkets just offer organic fruits in plastic bags and you have no other choice. That is different in organic markets, so I buy most of the fruit and vegetables in these markets.

4. Use your own organic cotton shopping bags. Since I am into sewing from time to time, I made some shopping bags for myself, my friends and family. They look better and are individual.

5. Stop buying new clothes. Weird? Not really. Honestly, we have enough clothes. Nobody need as many pairs of jeans as I already bought in my life. So I stopped buying new ones in shops and started selling clothes I don’t like or wear anymore. And if you need some new clothes, invest in high quality and start looking for second hand and vintage versions. I got an online profile to buy and sell – check it out, if you want to.

6. Drink loose tea and use reusable tea strainers. It tastes better and doesn’t produce waste. So why buying teabags?

7. Use organic beauty and cosmetic products. It is getting easier to get vegan products in grocery stores. I don’t understand why people continue buying the big and well-known brands even though they do animal testing. If you are unsure if your products are cruelty-free, check the international list of PETA.

8. Use a recyclable tooth brush. It does the same that the plastic ones do!

9. Use reusable beauty towels for removing make up, face masks or just to wash and dry your face skin. I bought some and I am really happy with them. Since then, I haven’t bought any cotton pads or cleaning tissues anymore.

10. Take the bike whenever it’s possible. Most of us are used to take the car when we need to go somewhere and public transport is too complicated, long or not available. I love riding the bike and every time I want to take the car, I ask myself, if the way would be possible with a bike ride too.

How do you live more consciously? If you have any other tipps, please let me know! I would be happy about more inspiration.

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